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 The ancient Egyptian people took to archery as early as 5,000 years ago. Archery was widespread by the time of the earliest pharaohs and was practiced both for hunting and use in warfare. Legendary figures from the tombs of Thebes are depicted giving "lessons in archery".




  Some Egyptian deities are also connected to archery.


Neith was a goddess of war and of hunting and had as her symbol, two arrows crossed over a shield. However, she is a far more complex goddess than is generally known, and of whom ancient texts only hint of her true nature. In her usual representations, she is portrayed as a fierce deity, a human female wearing the Red Crown, occasionally holding or using the bow and arrow. In fact, the hieroglyphs of her name are usually followed by depictions containing archery elements.




  The first composite bow was produced by the Egyptians in approx. 2800 BC. It was made from wood, tipped with animal horn and held together with animal sinew and glue. Unstrung, it resembled a "C" shape and would have required 2 people to string it. The bowstring was made from "catgut" (sheep intestines). The arrows used were extremely light, which allowed for them to be shot up to 400 yards using the composite bow and would easily penetrate the armor used during that time period. The Egyptians hieroglyphs depict archers on the back of light chariots that were undoubtedly used to outflank an enemy army with devastating effect.






  Archery competitions were also common throughout Egyptian history. In the 21st century BC King Amenhotep II boasted that he pierced the middle of a thick brass target with four arrows. He then set a prize for anyone who could do the same.


Even to this day Egyptians still uphold their heritage and are extremely active in the World Archery community. There are currently 6 registered clubs for archery in Egypt and all of them are located Cairo.


  You can see more by visiting Archery in Egypt's Facebook page.




  Since 1912 Egypt has participated in the summer Olympics and has had athletes shooting in the archery competitions, aiming for the gold.





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