The 5 Fundamentals of Success in Archery

The 5 Fundamentals of Success in Archery



Every sport has components that help build a foundation of success and increase the positive results. Here are 5 key fundamentals that will set you apart in archery.




 Patience- A foundation stone for any endeavor worth taking on, patience can be used to accomplish many things. For archery it serves an even greater role while practicing. To hold your form and stand firm in your stance while waiting for the opportune moment to release the string and send your arrow flying toward the target can take a few seconds or a matter of minutes. Being patient allows for you to make every shot and every moment the best it can be.



 Now, believe it or not, it is possible to be too patient and passive. To let a good moment pass by is never a good idea and that is where the second fundamental comes in.






 Persistence- Never give up, never give in. Remain confident that even the toughest problem can be over come by trial and error. There are many small parts to archery, that when preformed together, lead to the satisfying results we aim for. Learn from not only your mistakes, but every experience you have with a bow. If you can hit the target on a bad day, you can be sure you will hit it on a good day.


  Find a balance between your patience and persistence. This will guide you to success in more then just archery.






 Self Reflection- It is always easiest to blame our faults or failures on an outside force. Imperfect equipment, bad weather, inadequate teammates, I've heard it all. The world is not a perfect place, so rather then complain and blame, why not look instead at how we choose to handle this fact.


  Archery is 10% environment, 10% equipment, 5% luck, and the other 75% is on us.



  We hold the key to correction for anything else that can go wrong and we must learn to look inward to find the answer. How can I do better? What can I change?






 P.M.A.- “The Zone” is a place sought by every athlete and every professional in every realm. This is for the benefit of becoming one with the skill they seek and allowing the rest of the world to melt away in that moment to total focus and total control. If you have not heard of this term, I suggest you hit up Google and see for yourself what it is all about.


One way I have found to open the door into “The Zone” is by using the P.M.A. Key. Positive, Mental, Attitude. P.M.A.


  It makes a huge difference when you can approach a task feeling positive and confident versus carrying negativity and strife with you. Archery can serve to calm your mind and turn even the worst day around after an hour of practice. Therapy and relaxation come in many forms and archery is a great option.


  If you do choose to hold onto emotional baggage or a bad attitude, it will surely sour your experience and possibly others' too.






 An Open Mind- Confidence is one thing, but being self centered is another. The moment you believe you are better then someone else is the moment you are farthest from it.


  Not to say that you should be afraid to accept your self worth and use it to accomplish your goals. No matter where you are along the journey of archery, remember, there is always something new to be learned and there is always someone else who can be helped.


  The supportive community that is built around archery is one of the best pieces to the sport, in my opinion.




 Choosing to further your progression with each of these attributes will undoubtedly lead you to a place of success. It will not be an easy task, but fall back on these 5 Fundamentals of Success and you will see the difference.




Share Your Thoughts-  Do you see any of these as your best quality? Is there one you want to work on?





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