Group Classes

 Over the course of three classes, students will be taught about the safety rules and equipment used in archery, instructed through proper shooting techniques, and have lots of time to practice their newly learned skills on the range.

Students receive a bow and arrows plus safety gear to take home after the final class. Bring your passion for traditional archery and we provide the rest.


  • Class size- 3-10 students
  • Class time- 1 hour, once a week for three weeks


Private Lessons

Take your archery skills to the next level for competition shooting, hunting season, or for fun in the back yard.

Our instructors will work one-on-one with you and customize the lessons to meet the desired outcome you are looking for.   


  •  Class size- 1-2 students
  •  Class time- 1-2 hours, once a week for one to five weeks


Birthday Party

Want to make a memory that will last? Invite On Target Archery to your party!

Youth will be taught the quick basics of archery before getting to have fun with target practice. We can come to you with everything needed to setup a range and enjoy a new adventure in your own backyard.

(Adequate range space required)


  •  Party size- 5-20 youth
  •  Class time- 1.5-2 hours

OTA Community Clubs

Bring On Target Archery to your community event!

 Any sized group anywhere can share in On Target Archery's Community Club, whether for team building with your co-workers or for fun at your school's field days, we bring the excitement to you!


Our coaches come to you with everything needed to set up a range for practicing with your group. All experience levels welcome.

We work with business teams, youth groups, Boy Scout troops, school classes, homeschool groups, and any large event you wish to make memorable through archery.


  •  Group size- 8-250 participants
  •  Event time- from 1.5 hours to 5 hours


Couldn't find a class that fits your needs? We are happy to work with you to create the best possible archery experience.


      Contact us!